I started my Crazy About Yarn journey when my daughter was born as I wanted to make her a cute baby blanket. One of my good friends show me the basic stitches, and then I learned everything else on YouTube. It took me forever and a day to complete it, but I was really happy that I made something out of yarn. I was completely addicted after that, and  I have been non-stop ever since.

I was always buying new fun colours of yarn for my latest project. My favourite type of project is something complicated with new stitches I have never tried. The project that humbled me the most is when my friend, who taught me how to crochet, asked me to make her wedding dress. It took me 10 months to make and I put it in time out a couple times. The end product was, in my opinion, beautiful! 

3 years ago on a whim I took a natural yarn dyeing class, as I thought the idea was really interesting. The endless possibilities of colourways was very intriguing. 

After the class I knew I needed to dye more yarn but wanted to try Acid dyes as I wanted to be able to put more than one colour on a skien. Over the years I took a couple more class and knew I had to do this at home.  

Covid hit and our city went into lock down, with nothing to do, my partner suggested that I try dying at home. So I did and I could not stop. It gave me the warm and fuzzies and my soul told me to keep going. With that, Crazy About Yarn was born.